Riot Games Opens Alpha Test Sign-Ups for 2XKO, a New Fighting Game Based on League of Legends

Riot Games has begun accepting sign-ups for the closed alpha test of 2XKO, a fighting game inspired by the League of Legends universe. Initially unveiled as Project L, this game represents Riot's effort to expand the League of Legends franchise into new genres. 2XKO, first showcased in 2019, features a 2v2 tag-team fighting system akin to Marvel vs. Capcom, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The game includes popular champions from League of Legends, such as Ekko, Ahri, and Yasuo.

A Look Back and Ahead

Following a challenging development period, Riot Games reintroduced 2XKO with a new gameplay trailer, setting a tentative launch window for 2025. Executive producer Tom Cannon hinted at hands-on playtests, with one scheduled for the April Evo Japan 2024 event. Cannon also announced at-home closed alpha tests, set to occur throughout the year. Sign-ups for these alpha tests are currently open and will run through August.

Details on the Upcoming Alpha Test

In a recent update video, Tom Cannon, 2XKO director Shaun Rivera, and Sajam discussed what to expect from the upcoming alpha test. According to Cannon, the alpha will be an online-exclusive playtest, featuring an early version of the game's tag-based fighting mechanics. This test aims to gather player feedback directly, helping developers refine the game.

Key Information About 2XKO's Alpha Test

How to Participate

To join the alpha test, players need a Riot Games account and must complete a survey before August 8. Participants will be selected randomly and notified via email with download instructions. Additionally, selected players will receive a referral link to invite one friend to the Alpha Lab. However, those invited through this method will not receive a referral link themselves.

Additional Information and Future Plans

Riot Games has published an extensive FAQ addressing common questions, such as livestreaming the game or hosting tournaments with the Alpha Lab. Riot plans to conduct more public tests before the official launch of 2XKO in 2025, with further details to be announced in the future.

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