League of Legends Patch 14.13: What to Expect

The next League of Legends update, Patch 14.13, is approaching swiftly, bringing exciting changes and new content to the game. Lead Designer Matt Leung-Harrison recently shared a detailed preview on X, generating a lot of buzz within the community. Here’s what we know about the upcoming patch, including its release date and key features.

Release Date

Patch 14.13 of Season 14 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 26th. This update will balance champions and introduce new content, such as the Rain Shepherd skins.

Key Features


Based on the highlights from Matt Leung-Harrison’s post, here are some of the main features of Patch 14.13:

Champion Adjustments:

  • Fated Ashes Item Nerfs: Several champions who frequently purchase Fated Ashes items will receive nerfs, as the items themselves are considered balanced. However, these changes are cautious, given the concurrent updates to systems like Domination keystones. Further adjustments to Fated Ashes might occur later.
  • Conclusion

    With Patch 14.13, Riot Games continues to refine and enhance the League of Legends experience. The update promises significant adjustments to runes and champions, aiming for a more balanced and engaging gameplay. Keep an eye out for the release on June 26th and get ready to dive into the new content and changes!