Riot Games Responds to Backlash Over Expensive Faker Ahri Skin

A League of Legends developer has addressed the controversy surrounding the high price of the Faker Ahri skin, defending the decision to set a premium price. This special skin was created as part of the Hall of Legends 2024 event, which honors the acclaimed Korean pro player Faker.

Initial Announcement and Fan Reaction

When Riot Games announced the Faker Ahri skin, the community reacted with disappointment due to its hefty price. The limited-edition skins come in two variants: Risen Legend Ahri and Immortalized Legend Ahri. These can only be purchased through one of three bundles that include additional cosmetic upgrades. The cheapest bundle costs 5,430 RP ($40), while the most expensive, featuring the Immortalized Legend Ahri, is priced at 59,260 RP ($450). Fans criticized this pricing as a cash grab capitalizing on Faker's fame.

Developer's Defense

In a Reddit comment responding to the backlash, Riot Games developer RiotMeddler defended the Hall of Legends collection. He explained that the high prices help celebrate iconic pro players and fund esports, comparing the expensive offerings to collector's editions. He also pointed out that the event offers content at various price points, such as the 1950 RP battle pass featuring Risen Legend LeBlanc and other skins, which he described as a strong core offering for players.


Community Concerns

Despite this explanation, many fans remain unconvinced. They argue that the high prices exclude a large portion of the player base, especially those who wish to acquire the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin. Some fans also disagree with the notion of digital skins being considered collectibles, as they could be lost if the game’s servers were ever shut down.

While Riot Games aims to honor its pro players, fans argue that the Ahri skin collection is too expensive for the majority of players. The backlash has even led some fans to propose banning Ahri in all their games as a form of protest.

Alternative Skin Options

For those looking for other ways to obtain skins, League of Legends offers various options to claim free Champion skins. With 160 playable champions, Riot Games has created a plethora of skins, allowing players to customize their favorites in different ways.

League of Legends' Hall of Legends Ahri Skin Bundles

Risen Legend Collection - 5,430 RP

Immortalized Legend Collection - 32,430 RP

3 Demon King Forms with unique VO

Demon’s Chosen Transformation with Demon King HUD during Ult

Signature Immortalized Legend Collection - 59,260 RP

Despite the backlash, Riot Games continues to stand by their pricing strategy for the Hall of Legends event, aiming to balance celebrating esports icons and offering varied content to players.