Invictus Gaming signed a re-contract with Wink

The well-known Chinese esports club Invictus Gaming announced on its Twitter account and other media that it has signed a contract with Zheng 'Wink' Rui, a bot lane player. Previously, he was already listed as part of Invictus Gaming, however, he left the location of the club on December 14, 2021. From that moment on, he was in the eSports as the main agent. Two months later, the management of Invictus Gaming decided to sign a contract with Wink.

Zheng 'Wink' Rui started his career on December 27, 2017. For all the time of his journey, he earned only almost $6,000. He was listed in such teams as Royal Never Give Up, eStar Gaming, Royal Club and Invictus Gaming. He has rich experience of being in teams as a reserve player.

His most solid achievement can be called the 5th-6th place at the LPL Spring 2019. Then, as part of Royal Never Give Up, he managed to get to the top 6, but failed to overcome his opponent JD Gaming on the way to the semi-finals. Other notable achievements in his career include 7th-8th place at LPL Spring 2020 and 9th-10th place at LPL Spring 2021.

Wink joining Invictus Gaming will join such esportsmen as Zhao 'neny' Zhi-hao, Teng 'Zika' Huayu, Peng 'XUN' Li-hsiung, Zheng 'Yuekai' Yu-kai, Liu 'Xzz' Zhu, An 'Ahn ' Shen-ye, Luo 'xiaoyueji' Shi-hao, Li 'Lucas' Tang-pan-ao and Zheng 'Ke' Ke. IG also has a youth roster that plays in the academic roster league, LDL.

Right now, Invictus Gaming are playing at LPL Spring 2022, one of the most important leagues in League of Legends with a total prize pool of $663,000. The team is in 12th place out of 17 possible. The team won 4 victories and lost 6 times. She won 9 cards and lost 15.

Invictus Gaming roster: