Invictus Gaming say goodbye to TheShy after 4 years together

The League of Legends discipline team from Invictus Gaming, after a long cooperation with the player TheShy, said goodbye to him after the expiration of the contract and 4 years together.

The Chinese team expressed their farewell words to the only Korean in their team on Twitter, dedicating a post to him.

It is TheShy that can be known to many League players, if not by their performances and victory at Worlds 2018, but at least by their personal skin inside the game itself. iG Fiora is an image of the signature hero TheShy in the colors of his team, which probably every player has seen, regardless of whether he is a beginner or not.

Starting in late 2019, the iG team appears to have started experimenting with their toplane players. From that moment on, at different intervals, both TheShy and Zs with Neny could be seen on the top.

Now the place of TheShy will be taken by his conditional heir Neny - a promising topper from the youth team Invictus Gaming Young.