Invictus Gaming roster undergoes drastic changes

Invictus Gaming is storming Twitter today with roster changes for the 2022 season.

The first to join the lineup was mid-lane " Yuekai " from RNG. The organization said a few words about the rookie's performance: "His aggressive style along with his strong lane ability has shown great potential in the LDL and LPL. We look forward to bringing new chemistry to the team."

This was followed by a statement that said: After a series of friendly discussions, a mutual decision was made with Wink that the contract would not be renewed. From today " Wink "   will leave the team as a free agent.

In pursuit of " Wind " the coaching staff represented by " NoFe " and " Along " also left the organization, with the same statement, it was decided not to renew the contracts.

Then the organization said goodbye to the " Rookie " mid-leader, who spent 7 long years in the organization. The most important achievement was the victory at the World Championship 2018. He was replaced by young blood in the person of " Yuekai ".

Also a new head coach from Rare Atom - " Loong " has joined the team. According to the organization, Lung has shown excellent results as a player in VG, and since becoming a coach, he has been an older brother, leading young teams.


To help him, an assistant coach " Liet ", also from Rare Atom, was signed. Liet has a great working mentality to help players as well as good data mining experience.

The final transfer was the signing of " Ahn " from Rare Atom Potential. Which will take the position of ADC (carry that deals the most damage to opponents) on the bot lane. Ahn has impressive accomplishments in RA.P and has been awarded multiple MVP matches as well as the LDL 2021 Summer Championship title.


At the moment, the Invictus Gaming roster is as follows:

Meader - Zhang "Yuekai" Yue-Kai

Top laner - Zhao "neny" Zhi-Hao

Jungler - Peng "XUN" Li-Xun

Boat liner - An "Ahn" Shanier

Support - Wang "Baolan" Liu-Yi

Support - Lee "Lucas" Tan-Pan-Ao

Head Coach - Zhu "Loong" Xiao-Long

Assistant Coach - Liu "Liet" Zheng-Yang