KRÜ Esports has got a new support

KRÜ Esports is an Argentine esports organization. In 2022, KRÜ Esports decided to assemble their own League of Legends roster.

It became known that Lucas Ariel Nibale "Luqixen" completed the top five of the team's current roster. For Lucas, as well as for KRÜ, Liga Master Opening 2022 was the first appearance on the professional stage in this discipline.

The Argentinean Liga Master Opening 2022 tournament is attended by 12 regional teams, and the prize pool is $21,000. Among them: Uala Pampas, Undead Gaming, Maycam Evolve, Stone Esports, River Plate, Boca Juniors Gaming, EBRO, WAP Esports, KRU Esports, Leviatan, Malvinas Gaming and 9z Team.

In the last match to date, KRÜ Esports competed with Maycam Evolve Gaming, winning. But before the end of the open stage of the LMF 2022 Opening KRÜ, there are 9 more games to go. Now the team has 4 wins and they need to make a lot of efforts to reach the playoffs.

The current lineup of the team is as follows: