LS will become the new head coach of Cloud9 for League of Legends

The cloud teamannounced the signing of the new coach Nick 'LS' De Cesare on their twitter, releasing a five-minute video about it.

But before the announcement, there was a series of funny posts, which began with Cloud9/status/1466195902125727748 "> an empty chair and a promise to" put "a new team coach there as soon as the post gets one thousand likes. behind which the identity of the person was difficult. ”After a couple of such posts, stirring up the interest of their audience, they still revealed that it would be 'LS'.

'LS' is an extremely influential and equally well-known figure in the League of Legends community, mainly due to its accurate and multifaceted analysis of the role of professional teams. And now he has undertaken to direct the team for the first time in three years.

Previously, 'LS' was already a trainer in different regions. So, for example, in 2019 he coached bbq Olivers (now ESports Connected) at the League of Legends Champions Korea. American team Gravity in 2015 and Europeans from SUPA HOT CREW in 2014.

Also, relatively recently, in 2020, there were rumors that 'LS' could become the coach for the T1 team in the League, but the reaction of the team's fans was extremely harsh to such information. In the end, 'LS' simply turned down the offer and joined them as streamer and content maker.

During his career in eSports 'LS' Nick has achieved success as a tape drive, an analyst and coach. Thanks to this, the guy has built positive and friendly relationships with many top players and coaches. In the video about his entry into Cloud9, he said that the main reason why he signed a contract with the "cloud" was a conversation with C9 mid-lancer Ibrahim 'Fudge' Allami and their coach Maxwell Alexander 'Max' Waldo, whom 'LS' himself recommended. in Cloud9.

After all the discussions that I had with Cloud9, I realized that now there is no better place for me than here.