Doinb leaves FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix has announced goodbye to Doinb. Recall that the 24-year-old Korean player has played for the team since December 2018. The organization thanked the player for many years of work and wished him luck in the future.

Doinb moved to FunPlus Phoenix after an impressive season with Rogue Warriors. For three years in the Chinese team, the 24-year-old Korean player won the LPL Summer 2019 and 2019 World Championship, and also took second place in the Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS, Mid-Season Cup 2020, LPL Spring 2021 and LPL Summer 2021.

However, FunPlus Phoenix completely failed in the last 2021 World Championship, finishing in last place in its quartet. After that, serious changes began in the team. In particular, Nuguri and Tian left the team, thus starting a global restructuring before the start of the new season.

The current roster of FunPlus Phoenix is as follows: