Doinb joins LNG Esports

Worlds 2019 champion from FunPlus Pheonix and three-time MVP LPL Kim 'Doinb' Tae-sang joined the Chinese LNG Esports team, for which he will play as mid lane for the coming year.

For 2022, five of the six former LNG Esports players will not change much. A month earlier, the team just stopped working with their mid-laner Icon, having played with him for only one season. In his place, a star from Korea will come.

By the way, Doinb became the first professional esports player in the history of LPL back in 2019 to obtain citizenship in China in 5 years. In addition, the veteran of the pro-scene has played with Chinese teams for all his 6 years.

Now theLNG roster looks like this:

Doinb will make hisLNGEsportsdebut at the upcoming LPL Spring Split, which kicks off next year. But we do not know the exact date for 2022 yet. Therefore, we will be watching with interest such an ambitious team.