Halo Infinite's Latest Update: Big Team Battle Mode Gets Major Overhaul with Tenrai IV Operation

As part of the most recent operation in Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has introduced a variety of changes to the classic Big Team Battle mode. Halo Infinite continues to evolve with each new update, becoming a much better game than it was at launch almost three years ago.

Big Team Battle is a classic mode in the Halo series. While it hasn't appeared in every Halo game, having first been featured in 2004's Halo 2, it has been a staple ever since. The mode pits teams of eight against one another, a number that has increased to twelve in Halo Infinite, resulting in large-scale action unlike anything else the series has to offer. It also emphasizes Halo's vehicle gameplay, which often gets overlooked in smaller matches. Its return in Halo Infinite was highly anticipated, and with the latest update, the mode has been significantly improved.

In a blog post on the Halo site, 343 Industries confirmed that numerous changes had been made to Big Team Battle as part of the Tenrai IV Operation for Halo Infinite. The update aimed to achieve several goals for the mode, including increasing Flag Captures during Capture the Flag to reduce the frequency of games ending due to timeouts, as well as renewing the focus on vehicular gameplay. 343 Industries also aimed to "reduce extended stalemates in certain Zone Sets for Total Control" and sought to "increase the reliability of finding a hard counter to specific enemy strategies."

Halo Infinite's Latest Update: Big Team Battle Mode Gets Major Overhaul with Tenrai IV Operation 1

To achieve these objectives, many changes have been implemented in Big Team Battle. For instance, the number of Halo Infinite vehicles that spawn in the mode has been increased, and flag placements have been updated on each Capture the Flag map to ensure more Flag Captures. These updates come alongside numerous miscellaneous changes across all Big Team Battle maps, all designed to meet the outlined goals. It's a comprehensive changelog that should make Big Team Battle even more enjoyable to play.

With each passing update, Halo Infinite continues to make significant strides forward. Many in the community are finally pleased with the game, and the Tenrai IV Operation update was another solid addition. However, the community continues to voice its opinions and frequently requests 343 Industries to implement different features in the game. Some fans even hope for the return of a Halo 4 feature in Halo Infinite, but it remains to be seen how long the studio will continue to provide new content for the game.