Halo Fans Call for Revival of Canceled MEGA Bloks Game

Some fans of the Halo franchise are calling for the revival of a canceled game that would have presented the space marine-based shooter in the style of its popular MEGA Bloks toys. Halo and MEGA have a history dating back to 2009, with around 50 building sets based on various Halo games, but the planned video game collaboration never saw the light of day.

The development of the planned Xbox 360 game, codenamed "Haggar," was canceled in 2013. It’s unclear how long developers at the former n-Space, known for games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the Skylanders franchise, had been working on it before its cancellation. However, the game resurfaced in early 2017 after a video game archivist unearthed footage of the canceled MEGA Bloks Halo game.

Recently, discussions about the canceled game reignited on Reddit thanks to a post from user npc042. They expressed a preference for playing the building block toy-themed version over the rumored remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved for PlayStation 5. According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft has plans for a remaster of the first Halo game, which could be in development for the PS5. More details might be revealed at the Xbox Showcase on June 9.


Halo Fans Show Strong Support for MEGA Bloks Game

While the original post might have been a tongue-in-cheek jab at the current direction of the Halo franchise, support for reviving the canceled game appears to be strong. Many commenters, learning about the game for the first time, had positive reactions. Some noted the success of LEGO’s toy-themed games based on other popular IPs, such as Star Wars and Batman. Sony’s reveal of LEGO Horizon Adventures at the Summer Game Fest on June 7, featuring Horizon series protagonist Aloy in a building block-themed adventure, further fueled the excitement.

Despite the enthusiasm for the resurfaced canceled game, many Halo fans seem disillusioned with the franchise's direction under Xbox Game Studios. Although Halo Infinite has generally received favorable reviews since its 2021 launch, some fans worry that 343 Industries is being constrained by its publisher. One fan noted that an ad during Summer Game Fest featured footage from Halo Infinite that had been used for years. Another voiced the opinion that Microsoft should focus more on Master Chief as a company mascot, contrasting Halo’s current state with Nintendo's reliance on Mario games to establish brand recognition.