Halo Infinite's Major Update: Enhanced Multiplayer, Weapon Balancing, and New Content on March 19

343 Industries is set to roll out a significant update for Halo Infinite on March 19, aiming to enhance the game's multiplayer experience and introduce new content. Since its launch in late 2021, Halo Infinite has evolved substantially, despite the absence of anticipated campaign DLC. The game has seen several multiplayer updates, enriching the experience with new cosmetics, maps, and modes, alongside the introduction of the comprehensive map editor, Forge.

The forthcoming update is designed in response to player feedback, focusing on improvements to online multiplayer performance. 343 Industries plans a complete overhaul of Halo Infinite's networking model to address longstanding community complaints, including issues like desync. This overhaul is expected to deliver a more stable and consistent multiplayer experience. Additionally, the implementation of Easy Anti-Cheat aims to curtail cheating within the game.


The March 19 update will also bring balance adjustments to a selection of weapons, potentially influencing the game's weapon meta. Adjustments include faster reload speeds for the M392 Bandit and its variants, changes to the Heatwave's aim assist, a quicker charge-up for the Plasma Pistol, and modifications to the Stalker Rifle, VK78 Commando, and Gravity Hammer to fine-tune their performance.

Moreover, the Squad Battle playlist will be refreshed with new Forge-created maps, some inspired by classic Halo maps, and the Firefight mode will receive a Custom option for player-versus-environment battles, moving away from the traditional King of the Hill format.

This update reflects 343 Industries' commitment to refining Halo Infinite based on player input, promising an array of improvements and new features for fans to explore.