Halo Infinite Celebrates Pride Month 2024 with New Free Cosmetics

343 Industries has announced a new set of free cosmetics for Halo Infinite to mark the beginning of Pride Month 2024. This addition continues the trend of offering exciting customization options for players.

Enhanced Customization in Halo Infinite

The customization options in Halo Infinite are often praised as the best in the series. While some fans appreciate the simplicity of Halo 3's customization, and others enjoy the extravagant designs from recent titles like Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Infinite offers a balanced approach with a wide array of intriguing designs. 343 Industries consistently introduces new armor with each major Operation, ensuring players always have fresh options to change their Spartan's appearance.

Pride Month Set Details

The new Pride Month set was confirmed on Twitter and is available throughout June. It celebrates "love, diversity, and inclusion," and honors the LGBTQIA+ community by promoting unity and acceptance.


The set includes several items:

These items not only look cool but also symbolize a commitment to inclusivity, even though they may compromise some in-game camouflage.

Importance of Pride Month in Gaming

Pride Month holds significant importance in the gaming community, with many titles finding unique ways to celebrate inclusion each year. Cosmetics are a popular method for players to express their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Halo Infinite consistently participates in these celebrations, offering unique items for players to collect and show their support. It's encouraging to see studios stand up for their beliefs, despite potential backlash from some community members.

Upcoming Updates for Halo Infinite

June promises more exciting content for Halo Infinite. On June 4, 343 Industries will launch Operation Tenrai 4, introducing a new 20-tier battle pass, new challenges, and even a new map. Halo Infinite has made significant strides since its challenging launch in 2021 and is currently in a strong position, continuing to thrive and evolve.

By continuously adding new features and celebrating important events like Pride Month, Halo Infinite remains a dynamic and engaging game for its community.