Custom Halo-Themed Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in the US

A Tesla Cybertruck with a unique Halo-themed design has been seen in public in the US. Adorned with Halo’s iconic matte green color scheme and the insignia of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), this Cybertruck brings a long-running meme to life with its original decals.

From Meme to Reality

First introduced in 2019, Tesla’s Cybertruck was designed as a futuristic electric alternative to traditional gas-guzzling pickups. However, its angular lines and blocky construction quickly drew comparisons to low-resolution video games from the early 2000s, particularly to the Halo franchise’s iconic Warthog transport vehicle. Memes comparing the Cybertruck to the Warthog circulated on social media, with fans joking about the resemblance despite the truck lacking the Warthog’s mounted machine gun turret.

The memes garnered so much attention that Elon Musk and Xbox even teased a potential collaboration between Halo and Cybertruck, though it never materialized. Now, a dedicated Halo fan has made this dream a reality by transforming the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior into a vehicle straight out of the Halo universe. Redditor r/DevinOlsen captured the Halo-themed Cybertruck parked innocently, looking as if the Master Chief might step out at any moment. The stunning vinyl wrap, created by California-based SSCustoms, makes the Cybertruck resemble the Razorback troop transport, a turretless Warthog variant introduced in Halo Infinite. Fans interested in replicating this impressive look can purchase their own UNSC wrap for $2,700 from SSCustom’s website.


Further Customizations Planned

Despite the praise from the r/halo community, the Cybertruck’s owner has more customization plans. After images of the vehicle appeared on a forum, user “Gail_Lewis_844” claimed ownership of the pickup. Responding to a post noting the absence of the Warthog’s usual mounted.50 caliber machine gun, the owner expressed a desire to add a turret. They plan to use a 3D printer to modify the barrel of a Nerf turret and create a custom mount and shielding. While this is the first known conversion of a Tesla Cybertruck into a Halo Razorback, other Halo fans have previously built custom road-legal Warthogs using parts from Chevy pickup trucks.

Halo Vehicles in the Real World

These impressive creations are not the only UNSC vehicles brought to life. Various props and replicas have been made for Halo TV shows, and a Halo Infinite Warthog even joined Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet at the Free Guy world premiere. Since its debut in Halo: Combat Evolved 23 years ago, the Warthog has become one of the most enduring and recognizable vehicles in gaming.