How to Gather and Use Meteorite Fragments in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide

Since the release of Palworld in early 2024, one of the main objectives for players venturing into a world teeming with monsters is to gather resources and build a base that can both sustain them and protect their collected pals. Additional missions include filling out the paldeck, defeating numerous Rayne Syndicate Bosses, and completing the story. To achieve these goals swiftly and efficiently, players must gather materials and craft weapons and armor.

A highly anticipated feature in the Palworld community is the introduction of a new resource called meteorite fragments. This item is not only rare but also requires players to defeat Syndicate henchmen and powerful pals vying for the bounty of fallen meteors. Players aiming to stockpile these valuable fragments need to be patient with random drops and skilled enough to overcome those standing in their way.

Obtaining Meteorite Fragments in Palworld

How to Gather and Use Meteorite Fragments in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide 1

Meteorite fragments are exactly what one might expect when exploring the islands of Palworld. They can only be found after a meteor falls from the sky and lands. Fortunately, players receive a warning before a meteor falls, indicated by a message on the game screen. Additionally, the landing location is marked with a meteor icon on the compass tracker. Players typically do not need to travel to another island, as meteors generally fall within the same area the player is currently in.

Once the meteor crashes to the ground, a Syndicate Gunner and their loyal Xenogard will swiftly arrive to start smashing the meteor and collecting the valuable fragments. Players can choose to either leave the meteor alone if the Xenogard is too strong or defeat them in battle to claim the rewards. The Syndicate Gunner is usually at level 25, and the Xenogard at level 23, so taking them down should not be too challenging for more experienced players.

An added benefit to farming this resource is the possibility of catching the Xenogard belonging to the Syndicate Gunner and adding it to the team. Xenogard's partner skill, Crater Enthusiast, enhances the player's ability to farm more meteorite fragments and pure quartz, making the process less tedious. Since Xenogard can only be obtained through the meteor mini-event, it’s an ideal time to capture one before collecting the meteorite fragments.

Using Meteorite Fragments in Palworld

How to Gather and Use Meteorite Fragments in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide 2

Currently, meteorite fragments have one primary use: crafting the Meteor Launcher. To unlock the Meteor Launcher, players need five Ancient Technology Points. Once unlocked in the Technology tab, players require the following materials to build a Meteor Launcher:

While the cost of a Meteor Launcher may seem high initially, it is important to note that a single meteor can yield upwards of 100 meteorite fragments. Therefore, one meteor should provide enough fragments to build a Meteor Launcher. Given that the meteor mini-event occurs randomly, the main challenge in acquiring meteorite fragments is the wait. Players are advised to stockpile these fragments for future use, as they may be required for additional equipment and tools in the future.