A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale has seen numerous players dive into its vibrant world. Despite the game's long-standing popularity, there are still items that many players haven't had the chance to experience. Some items were only available during limited-time events or due to errors, while others have an extremely low spawn rate. One such item is the Mythic Goldfish, renowned for its rarity and power. This guide will help players increase their chances of finding this elusive Mythic rarity in Fortnite.

How to Find the Mythic Goldfish

The Mythic Goldfish can be found in both Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Reload, the latter being a game mode set on a revamped version of the Chapter 1 island.

How to Get a Mythic Goldfish in Battle Royale

To obtain the Mythic Goldfish in Battle Royale, players need to fish for it. This requires a fishing pole and access to a body of water with a fishing hole. Once a fishing hole is depleted, players should move on to the next one. Unfortunately, the odds of catching a Mythic Goldfish are staggeringly low, with a probability of one in a million (0.00001). Although it is believed that the Mythic Goldfish is still available in Battle Royale, its extreme rarity makes it hard to confirm.

How to Get a Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite Reload

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite 1

In Fortnite Reload, players have reported finding Mythic Goldfish inside containers. This occurrence might be due to an error on Epic Games' part, but it appears that searching chests and Supply Drops significantly increases the chances of encountering this rare item.

How the Mythic Goldfish Works

The Mythic Goldfish is a throwable item that deals substantial damage to targets. Upon impact, it inflicts 200 HP damage, instantly eliminating the enemy unless it’s in Zero Build Battle Royale or Zero Build Fortnite Reload. The Mythic Goldfish is undoubtedly one of the most overpowered items in Fortnite, which explains its extreme rarity.

By following this guide, players can maximize their chances of encountering and using the powerful Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite, adding an exciting edge to their gameplay experience.

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