Apex Legends Mid-Season Update: Double Take Event Patch Notes

Apex Legends has unveiled the patch notes for the Double Take mid-season collection event, launching on June 25, 2024. This first event of Season 21, titled "Upheaval," brings substantial changes to characters and weapons, including buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to abilities.

Major Updates in Season 21

Season 21 of Apex Legends introduces more changes to core mechanics than ever before. It reverts to the original rank rewards system and introduces a new legend named Alter, significantly impacting the meta. The mid-season patch aims to further shift the existing meta and explore new gameplay dynamics.


New Features and Adjustments

Quads Mode

Apex Legends is introducing a Quads mode, allowing each squad to have four legends instead of three. This mode replaces the Duos playlist for this season and brings several enhancements:

Weapon Updates

Several weapons receive significant adjustments:

Weapon Rarity Sets

Optics Changes

Legend Adjustments

Several legends undergo ability tweaks:

Ranked Mode Changes

The ranked mode has been reworked to be more player-friendly with changes in entry costs and kill points. Key adjustments include:

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

Apex Legends' latest patch includes numerous bug fixes and quality of life updates, such as:

Event-Specific Modes and Rotations

Graphics Enhancements


The Double Take collection event in Apex Legends' Season 21: Upheaval brings substantial changes and exciting new features. With adjustments to core mechanics, weapon buffs and nerfs, and the introduction of Quads mode, players can expect a refreshed and dynamic gameplay experience. EA and Respawn's continuous efforts to evolve the meta promise to keep the game engaging and competitive.