Apex Legends Faces Backlash Over Controversial Battle Pass Changes in Season 22

Apex Legends players are now review bombing the game on Steam after Respawn announced a controversial change to the Battle Pass system in Season 22. Since its launch in 2019, Apex Legends has garnered a large player base with its rich lore and fast-paced combat. However, recent modifications to the Battle Pass system have left many players dissatisfied and angry.

New Battle Pass System Requires Real Money

EA's latest update reveals that starting in Season 22, players must spend real money to purchase the Battle Pass. The option to buy it with Apex Coins will no longer be available. Additionally, the Battle Pass will be split into two separate purchasable parts. Although each Battle Pass will have only 60 levels, players will need to climb a total of 120 levels instead of the usual 110 to unlock all rewards. The Premium Pass will cost $9.99, while the Premium+ will be $19.99.

Player Backlash and Review Bombing

The community reaction has been swift and negative. Many players have threatened to quit the game, and on July 9 alone, 1,449 negative reviews were posted on Steam, dropping the game's recent review score to "Mixed." The Apex Legends subreddit has also seen an increase in critical posts, with some users declaring they have uninstalled the game.


Previous Changes in Season 21

Before the Battle Pass changes, Season 21 of Apex Legends brought significant updates to the Ranked Rewards system. Respawn reverted to a previous model where players receive an animated badge if they achieve the same competitive rank in both splits of the season. Players with different ranks receive a static badge reflecting the higher rank.

The mid-season patch for Season 21 also included buffs to Wattson and Ash. Wattson's shield regeneration ability was enhanced, and Ash's Ultimate ability now has an increased portal distance. These changes have been well-received by players who main these characters.

Controversial Nerfs to Bloodhound

However, the patch also introduced a highly controversial nerf to Bloodhound. Bloodhound's Ultimate ability no longer highlights enemies through smoke or gas, a feature that has been crucial since Season 0. This change has raised concerns about the future viability of Bloodhound in competitive play.

Impact on the Future of Apex Legends

The combined effect of the controversial Battle Pass changes and the nerf to Bloodhound may result in a decline in player counts in future seasons. As the community continues to express its dissatisfaction, the long-term impact on Apex Legends remains uncertain.