Fortnite and Pirates of the Caribbean Crossover Event: What to Expect

Fortnite is teaming up with Pirates of the Caribbean for an exciting crossover event, introducing characters from the popular franchise and pirate-themed locations into the game. This event kicked off with update v30.20, which was released on Saturday, June 22, deviating from the usual Tuesday updates. This early release, just nine days after the first update of Chapter 5 Season 3, was due to Epic Games employees taking a break for nearly a month. To keep fans engaged during this period, the update was packed with content.

New Features and Events

A few hours after the update went live, players were treated to the first Metallica showcase on a Creative Island, featuring an interactive musical experience. Additionally, Fortnite Reload, a game mode that brings back the OG island and Chapter 1 weapons, was launched. This mode includes Fortnite Reload Quests, offering summer-themed rewards for players to unlock.

The Cursed Sails Event Pass


The Cursed Sails event pass made a brief appearance in the Item Shop shortly after the patch, prematurely revealing the Pirates of the Caribbean x Fortnite crossover event for those avoiding leaks. Despite this, dataminers quickly uncovered unreleased Pirates of the Caribbean landmarks set to arrive in Fortnite, including:

Upcoming Landmarks and Cosmetics

When the Cursed Sails Pass returns on July 19, it will bring back Jack Sparrow cosmetics. Captain Jack Sparrow's iconic ship, the Black Pearl, will be anchored in the lake southeast of Restored Reels. Nearby, players will find a new pirate base called Shipwreck Shallow, which will be added to the Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Royale map in mid-July.

What to Do Until Then

In the meantime, players have plenty to keep them busy. They can complete the Fortnite Reload Quests, finish the remaining Metallica Quests, and level up their Battle Pass in preparation for the Pirates of the Caribbean event.

Fortnite's collaboration with Pirates of the Caribbean promises to bring a wealth of new content and adventures for players. Mark your calendars for July 19, when the Cursed Sails Pass and pirate-themed landmarks officially join the game.