Minecraft Player Launches Themselves into Space Using Ingenious Trick

A creative Minecraft player has discovered a way to launch themselves incredibly high using features from the latest Minecraft update, version 1.21, which is now available to all players.

This month, Mojang released the major Minecraft update titled Tricky Trials, which introduces new structures called Trial Chambers, among other exciting features. The update also includes new elements related to "tinkering," such as copper and tuff blocks and the autocrafter, allowing players to explore their creativity in fresh ways. For the adventurous, the Tricky Trials update brought new hostile mobs named Bogged and Breeze. One player in the Minecraft community has found an inventive use for these new features.

The Experiment: Reaching New Heights

Reddit user Cleinden shared a video demonstrating their experiment, where they managed to launch themselves into space using resources from the new update. In the video, they packed a large number of chickens into a small area, then used a Splash Potion of Wind Charge, a new potion introduced in the update. They placed a piston under the chickens, connected to a simple redstone circuit. When the piston was activated, the resulting force propelled the player so high that they appeared to reach space.


Understanding the Mechanism

With the release of Minecraft update 1.21, several new items were introduced, including the Splash Potion of Wind Charge. This potion causes the Wind Charged status effect, making an entity release a burst of wind upon death. By activating the piston and causing many chickens to die with the Wind Charged status in a confined space, an explosion was created with enough force to launch the player up to 10,000 blocks high. Although the original test was conducted in Creative mode, a Redditor confirmed in the comments that the experiment also works in Survival mode.

Exploring the Wind Charge Feature

The Splash Potion of Wind Charge is not the only addition in Minecraft update 1.21 that allows players to experiment with knockback effects. The update also introduced the Wind Charge, a new projectile crafted from the Breeze Rod, an item dropped by Breezes. When thrown, the Wind Charge creates a knockback effect on the mob it hits. Players can use the Wind Charge in parkour challenges and, when combined with the new Mace weapon, can defeat powerful mobs with a single hit.

The Tricky Trials update has brought a wealth of new possibilities to Minecraft, and players like Cleinden continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a little creativity and the latest game mechanics.