Discover a Clever Trick to Boost Weapon Expertise Faster for Diablo 4 Barbarians

A Diablo 4 player has unveiled a method for Barbarian mains to accelerate their weapon expertise gains. Each class in Diablo 4 offers a unique playstyle due to their abilities and distinct mechanics, enhancing the immersive gameplay experience.

To unlock the Sorcerer's unique mechanic, Diablo 4 players need to reach level 15. Once unlocked, playing as a Sorcerer becomes even more engaging, as players can assign a skill to each enchantment slot, gaining unique effects. Similarly, Rogue players enjoy adaptable gameplay based on the number of enemies they face. At level 15, Rogues can choose one of three passive bonuses to enhance their playstyle. For Barbarians, a savvy Diablo 4 player has shared an ingenious trick to maximize the class' unique mechanic.

Twitter user DatModz revealed that Barbarian players could increase their Weapon Expertise faster by visiting the Kyovashad Training Grounds. The process involves equipping the Barbarian's weapon, assigning a skill to it, and then attacking the Training Dummies in the Training Grounds. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this method, DatModz shared a clip showing his One-Handed Axe Expertise skill rising from 0 to 8 in just a few moments.


How Does Diablo 4's Barbarian Unique Mechanic Work?

The unique mechanic for the Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is known as the Arsenal System. This system allows players to assign a skill (Expertise) to a weapon, providing various buffs. To unlock this mechanic, Barbarians need to reach level 5. After assigning a skill to a weapon, players can upgrade the skill from rank 0 to 10. However, the only way to gain weapon expertise is by using the weapon with the assigned skill in combat.

The Barbarian class in Diablo 4 relies on brute strength to deliver powerful attacks. With the Arsenal System, Barbarians can elevate their gameplay by exploring various weapon options for different scenarios. By utilizing this simple yet effective trick, Diablo 4 players can significantly reduce the grind and quickly enjoy the benefits of each skill's buffs.