Ranking the New Pirates of the Caribbean Skins in Fortnite

Fans of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean received a delightful surprise recently as some of their favorite characters from the franchise made their way into Fortnite. Players can now enjoy these iconic characters across various game modes, from Battle Royale to Fortnite Festival, and even in LEGO-themed builds. The Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration brings a new level of excitement to the game.

With the addition of five new skins, fans are eager to see how these outfits stack up against each other. Here's a ranking of the new Pirates of the Caribbean skins in Fortnite, from the Pirate King to the best overall outfit.

5. Elizabeth Swann - The Pirate King

Ranking the New Pirates of the Caribbean Skins in Fortnite 1

Elizabeth Swann is a fantastic choice for Fortnite, given her status as the greatest female character in Pirates of the Caribbean. Known for her bravery and leadership, Elizabeth has undergone significant character development, from a noble governor's daughter to a fierce pirate. However, her Fortnite outfit feels somewhat underwhelming. The design is simple, featuring an overcoat and an optional hat, and doesn't capture Keira Knightley's likeness well. While it's great to see Elizabeth recognized in Fortnite, her skin lacks the vibrancy and detail of other characters.

4. Captain Barbossa - A Legendary Pirate Who Makes His Own Fate

Ranking the New Pirates of the Caribbean Skins in Fortnite 2

Captain Barbossa, the legendary pirate who follows his own rules, makes a fitting addition to Fortnite. His skin includes an oversized hat and detailed garb, perfectly capturing his iconic look. However, it misses a crucial element: his pet monkey, Jack. Despite this, Barbossa remains one of the best pirate skins in the game. Running around Fortnite with Barbossa is a blast, but players should watch their loot, as he's always been a crafty pirate.

3. Cursed Jack Sparrow - The Curse of Stealing Aztec Gold

Ranking the New Pirates of the Caribbean Skins in Fortnite 3

Cursed Jack Sparrow is a surprising but welcome addition to Fortnite. The skin captures the ghastly appearance of Jack under the Aztec gold curse, featuring a skeletal arm and a tattered outfit. The skull with human eyes adds a mystical creepiness, making it one of the more unique and rare skins in the game. While it's unusual not to see Will Turner among the skins, Cursed Jack Sparrow brings a hauntingly cool aesthetic to Fortnite.

2. Davy Jones - The Captain of the Flying Dutchman

Ranking the New Pirates of the Caribbean Skins in Fortnite 4

Davy Jones, the dreaded captain of the Flying Dutchman, is a force to be reckoned with in Fortnite. The skin is nearly perfect, with details like his crab peg leg and clawed arm. Despite these physical setbacks, Davy Jones is not to be underestimated in a fight. His iconic appearance, masterfully portrayed by Bill Nighy, remains as striking as ever, making him a formidable and visually impressive character in the game.

1. Jack Sparrow - The Best (and Worst) Pirate Who Ever Lived

Ranking the New Pirates of the Caribbean Skins in Fortnite 5

Jack Sparrow, often regarded as the worst pirate who ever lived, takes the crown as the best Pirates of the Caribbean skin in Fortnite. His charm, sass, and unpredictable nature make him a fan favorite. The resemblance to Johnny Depp is spot-on, and his iconic poses and emotes are faithfully recreated in the game. Jack's lucky streak and distinctive pirate garb make him instantly recognizable and a must-have for any Fortnite player looking to bring a bit of pirate mischief to their Battle Royale adventures.

Jump into Fortnite and experience the swashbuckling excitement of Pirates of the Caribbean with these fantastic new skins. Whether you're leading your crew as Elizabeth Swann or causing chaos as Jack Sparrow, there's plenty of pirate fun to be had.