XDefiant Update: Team Deathmatch Mode Arrives Soon, More Content Revealed for Season 1

XDefiant's executive producer has provided fans with an update on the highly anticipated Team Deathmatch mode, expected to launch in a couple of weeks. After several development delays, Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter XDefiant has become a hit with players. The fast-paced, classic arena-style multiplayer game has successfully filled a niche left behind by modern shooters like Call of Duty. Moreover, the game continues to evolve with updates and new content.

Following its successful launch, Ubisoft is not resting on its laurels with XDefiant. With plenty of content to unlock during the preseason, such as the DedSec faction, Ubisoft revealed the first season of content at its annual summer showcase. Season 1 kicks off on July 2, introducing the GSK faction from Rainbow Six Siege, three new maps, weapons, Capture the Flag mode, and more. Additionally, Ubisoft plans to add even more content not included in the official roadmap, including a highly requested game mode.

XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin recently took to social media to update fans who might have missed an announcement over the weekend. Rubin confirmed that the XDefiant team has been paying close attention to fan feedback, especially regarding the inclusion of a straightforward Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. TDM, which dataminers recently discovered files for, has now been officially addressed, much to the delight of fans seeking a more straightforward experience.


XDefiant Confirms More Upcoming Game Modes

When asked about other popular game mode requests, Rubin stated that Team Deathmatch is launching first because it is nearly complete. However, fan requests for a search and destroy-style mode called Bomb! have also been noted. While Bomb! is more complex to build and will launch after TDM, Rubin acknowledged the team’s efforts to release it as soon as possible due to the high demand.

Fans should keep an eye on July 1, as XDefiant is hosting a dedicated event to showcase more upcoming content. Although fans got a glimpse of what Season 1 has to offer, the event, called XDebrief, will provide detailed insights into the GSK faction, their abilities, and how they'll impact the current meta. Additional Season 1 battle pass details will be shared, and Rubin hinted that more information on Bomb! might also be revealed.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and new game modes as XDefiant continues to expand its offerings and listen to its dedicated player base.