NickEh30 Joins Fortnite's Icon Series: New Skins and Major Update v30.10 Release Details!

NickEh30 is finally joining other prominent Fortnite content creators in the Icon series, and fans are eagerly anticipating his cosmetic items. In Fortnite, item rarities have always helped players distinguish various weapons, consumables, and cosmetics. Initially, cosmetics had four standard rarities: Common (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold). Over time, Epic Games introduced additional series-based rarities: Lava, Slurp, Frozen, Shadow, Dark, Gaming Legends, Icon, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC.

Each series rarity corresponds to a specific theme. For example, Dark Bomber, the dark counterpart to Brite Bomber, belongs to the Dark series due to its thematic fit, just as Marvel characters are part of the Marvel series. The Icon series is reserved for real-world celebrities, including artists, athletes, and Fortnite streamers. This series began with the release of the Marshmello skin in 2019 and has since expanded to include many artists and streamers with their own cosmetic sets.

Popular streamers like Ninja and SypherPK received their Fortnite skins some time ago, leading fans to wonder why NickEh30 hadn't been included in the Icon series, given his significant contributions to the Fortnite community. The wait is over, and the family-friendly streamer will soon join the Icon series. Although known dataminers have already previewed the upcoming NickEh30 skin in the game files, they have refrained from leaking it, for which the Canadian content creator has expressed gratitude.


Update v30.10 Release Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024

While the release date for the NickEh30 skin in Fortnite hasn't been announced, it is expected to be available shortly after the v30.10 update, the first major update of Chapter 5 Season 3. This patch promises to introduce substantial content to the game. Leaks suggest that Fortnite's collaboration event with Metallica will be significant, featuring a concert, skins based on the band members, a Metallica-themed loot island, and quests and rewards for nearly every game mode.

Unlike the usual Tuesday releases, update v30.10 will be available on Thursday, June 13. Until then, players should enjoy the current version of the game. Once the update is released, Boogie Bombs will be vaulted, according to HYPEX.