Genshin Impact 4.8 Leak: New Screenshot Feature and Exciting Natlan Region Details Revealed

A new Genshin Impact leak has unveiled an exciting feature for Version 4.8, making it easier for players to capture stunning screenshots. Developer HoYoverse has already confirmed the introduction of a new five-star character for Genshin Impact 4.8, the long-awaited Fontaine perfumer Emilie.

While character additions are the main highlight of each update, Genshin Impact often includes new quality-of-life improvements and graphics updates. One recent announcement revealed that update 5.0 will bring a significant visual upgrade, which will increase device performance requirements.

A leaker named mirukoreal has shared an intriguing video showcasing a brand-new dialogue feature set to arrive in the upcoming Genshin Impact update 4.8. According to the footage, players can turn off subtitles and completely remove the HUD during in-game dialogues. This will enable players to take clean screenshots without any text clutter. Many comments praise HoYoverse for this addition, as it has been a highly requested feature within the community. To hide the text, players will need to toggle a new eye icon located in the top left corner during the dialogue screen.


Some fans have expressed interest in replaying main storyline quests to capture additional images with this new feature. Others believe this mechanic arrives just in time for the release of a major new region. Genshin Impact's recent livestream confirmed that Natlan will be the next nation introduced in update 5.0.

Leaks suggest that Natlan will feature stunning landscapes, occasionally filled with lava, fitting its Pyro element theme. The only confirmed new playable character is Natlan's Pyro Archon Murata, likely to be the central figure in the new Archon Quest. Fans are hopeful for a new combat mechanic, given Murata's title as the God of War.

The most exciting part of Genshin Impact's Natlan teaser was the introduction of Saurians, the dragons of Natlan. Unlike other dragons in Teyvat, Natlan's dragons are friendlier and can coexist closely with humans. This has led many to speculate that players might be able to have Saurians as pets, accompanying them while exploring the new Pyro region.