Helldivers 2 Player Introduces For Honor-Inspired Finishers: Enhancing Gameplay with Cinematic Flourish!

A Helldivers 2 player brings cinematic finishing moves akin to For Honor executions to the game, enhancing the gameplay experience. While Helldivers 2 doesn't feature traditional executions, it offers a range of cosmetic items, including capes, player cards, emotes, and victory poses, allowing players to personalize their characters post-mission. These cosmetics, devoid of stat boosts, can be acquired through Helldivers 2's Warbonds system, utilizing Medals.

On Reddit, user ADR-299 showcases their creation of finishing moves purely for aesthetic purposes, which many in the community eagerly desire as cosmetic additions. These animations depict a series of lethal strikes against Automaton enemies, including skull-crushing slams and precise stabbings. The creativity and attention to detail in these finishers have garnered praise from fellow players, sparking discussions on potential additions for other enemy types, such as the Terminids.


Helldivers 2's Warbonds system, akin to battle passes in other games, offers players access to a plethora of content, including weapons, armor, and cosmetics. To acquire items within Warbonds, players utilize Medals, earned through completing daily quests and missions. Recently, the premium Warbond, Polar Patriots, has been introduced, featuring new weapons like the AR-61 Tenderizer and SMG-72 Pummeler, alongside cosmetic additions such as player banners and victory poses. Accessible for 1,000 Super Credits, this package enriches the customization options available to Helldivers 2 players.