World of Warcraft: The War Within Beta Now Live - How to Join and What to Expect!

World of Warcraft enters its beta testing phase for The War Within, with the first wave of invites already sent out to players who opted in or purchased the Epic Edition. This marks a significant milestone towards the release of The War Within, the next expansion and the first chapter of the Worldsoul Saga, currently in development.

Now, players fortunate enough to receive invites can dive into the beta, either by creating new characters or importing existing ones. To commemorate the occasion, World of Warcraft has unveiled a new trailer for The War Within, showcasing gameplay footage and featuring narration by Alleria Windrunner.

For those eager to join the beta, the process is straightforward. Simply check the Game Versions drop-down menu for The War Within Beta in the client. If invited, players can install and update the beta client, with the option to share files if installed in the same directory as the retail version, significantly reducing required disk space to 22.4 GB. Once set up, players can create new characters or duplicate existing ones from Dragonflight to begin testing.

While some players may receive invitation emails, the most reliable method to check for beta access is through the client itself. For those who haven't been invited yet, there's still hope for future waves or the option to secure a spot by pre-purchasing the Epic Edition of World of Warcraft: The War Within.

With beta phases typically lasting no more than four months, speculation arises about The War Within's potential release date, possibly arriving by October. With hints suggesting a pre-patch release on August 20, players have a rough idea of when to expect the expansion's launch.