Genshin Impact Leak: Sneak Peek at Upcoming Outfits for Nilou and Kirara in Version 4.8!

A recent leak in Genshin Impact unveils an upcoming outfit description for Nilou, a popular Hydro user hailing from Sumeru. While the game primarily revolves around its playable characters, with cosmetics being a secondary focus due to their impact on revenue, the introduction of new outfits is relatively rare.

Traditionally, Genshin Impact introduces skins during its annual events, such as the Lantern Rite Festival and the Summer Event. The previous Lantern Rite event saw the addition of three outfits for well-loved Liyue characters. As the main storyline in Fontaine approaches its conclusion, players can anticipate the arrival of the new Summer event in Version 4.8, likely the final update before the Natlan region emerges.

A reputable Genshin Impact leaker, hxg_diluc, has provided insights into one of Nilou's upcoming skins. Nilou, a Hydro user introduced in Version 3.1, remains a top-tier support for teams focusing on the Bloom elemental reaction. According to the leak, her new skin is described as a "princess costume" with a white color scheme, maintaining the theme of the game's Goddess of Flowers. Additionally, rumors suggest that Kirara, a four-star Dendro user, will also receive a new outfit.


Following past patterns, Nilou's skin is likely to be purchasable through the in-game shop, while Kirara's outfit may be available during the limited event in Version 4.8. Typically, the update preceding the introduction of a major nation introduces a smaller region that remains in the game for approximately six weeks.

The recent Special Program event for Genshin Impact offered a glimpse into the Natlan region, featuring Saurians, the dragons of Natlan, who differ from others in the game by coexisting closely with humans. Version 4.8 may potentially introduce Natlan characters to the main storyline, with rumors suggesting the appearance of a mysterious Pyro user named Xbalanque, possibly guiding the Traveler to the Pyro nation, akin to Charlotte's introduction before Fontaine's arrival.