Palworld Petition: Unleashing 'Grillet' – The Fire Dragon Pal that Could Revolutionize Your Adventure!

A passionate Palworld player is taking initiative by starting a petition to introduce a new creature, Chillet Ignis, into the game. Palworld, known for its diverse range of creatures called Pals, offers more than 100 options during Early Access. These Pals serve as companions, not only in battles and exploration but also in various tasks like watering, gathering, and mining. Some Pals even wield weapons like rifles and rocket launchers.

The petition, initiated by Reddit user AetherBytes, aims to address a perceived gap in the game – the absence of small Pals with Kindling power. In their proposal, they introduce "Grillet," a secondary version of Chillet, the Ice/Dragon-type and a beloved Pal. Grillet would possess a level 2 or 3 Kindling ability instead of the usual Gathering and Cooling abilities, providing players with a medium-sized Pal suitable for smaller spaces. This addition, they argue, would prevent the inconvenience of larger Pals getting stuck on roofs or walls during tasks, ensuring smoother gameplay.


The positive reception from the Palworld community to Chillet Ignis prompted the creation of this petition. By expanding the Dragon-type Pals registry with a fire dragon, Grillet offers players a unique and valuable creature earlier in the game. The emphasis on Kindling is particularly relevant, considering the significance of furnaces and ore ingots in player progression.

While AetherBytes' petition focuses on Grillet, players keenly anticipate the ongoing support from Palworld developers, anticipating the introduction of new creatures to enrich the Paldeck in future updates. As the community eagerly awaits these periodic updates, the prospect of an expanded roster of Pals keeps the excitement alive in the evolving world of Palworld.