Elden Ring's Shadow of Erdtree DLC Unveils a Surprising Twist: Could a Friendly Monster Change the Game Dynamics?

The trailer for Elden Ring's Shadow of Erdtree DLC has generated significant excitement, showcasing intriguing surprises and leaving fans with a unique desire – the hope for a friendly monster. In the unforgiving world of Elden Ring, where challenges abound, the concept of amiable NPCs holds special allure among players familiar with the Soulsborne genre.

After much anticipation, the Elden Ring community received a trailer for the Shadow of Erdtree DLC, unveiling new characters like Messmer the Impaler and offering a captivating glimpse into The Land of Shadow. Among the notable revelations was the introduction of hand-to-hand combat mechanics, reminiscent of Dark Souls 2's memorable Bone Fist. While many focused on these significant aspects, some eagle-eyed fans honed in on a small yet endearing detail.

Posts on the Elden Ring subreddit reveal the community's fondness for a new monster introduced in the trailer, bearing a resemblance to a worm. In one post, a player humorously expresses that the only potential disappointment from Miyazaki would be if the monster turned out to be unfriendly. Fans, well-aware of Elden Ring's deceptive nature, playfully speculate that the worm might swallow them if approached too closely.


Given FromSoftware's penchant for enigmatic world design, fans are formulating intriguing theories about the creature. One theory suggests it could function like an anglerfish, guiding players to an even deadlier subterranean monster. Notably, the monster's color hints at Elden Ring's jellyfish, known to turn hostile when provoked.

Despite these theories, the prevailing sentiment among fans leans towards the worm being a friendly NPC in Elden Ring. Some hope it might be a spirit summon, with a fan humorously dubbing it the "Emotional Support Spirit Ash." An interesting observation adds to this hopeful outlook – the monster's hand appearing to make a thumbs-up gesture, injecting a friendly demeanor into its appearance. In a world where NPCs like Patches have often betrayed players, the community expresses a collective desire for a more amicable experience in Elden Ring.