iiTzTimmy's Apex Legends Triumph: Soaring from Rookie to Predator in a Record-Breaking Single Stream in Season 20!

After the recent launch of Season 20 in Apex Legends, iiTzTimmy, a renowned pro player and content creator, accomplished an impressive feat by ascending from Rookie to Predator rank in a single uninterrupted stream. Achieving the highest rank in Apex Legends within the span of a single stream is already a daunting task, and iiTzTimmy managed to elevate the challenge by completing it in approximately 34 hours.

iiTzTimmy holds a prominent position in the Apex Legends community, renowned for his exceptional content creation and jaw-dropping highlights. Beyond his professional engagements, he often takes on formidable challenges, and in 2021, he successfully went from Bronze to Predator in a single stream. In the latest Season 20 challenge, iiTzTimmy aimed to replicate his previous accomplishment, navigating through an additional rank due to the introduction of the Rookie rank by Respawn Entertainment since his last endeavor.

Commencing the marathon stream on February 21, iiTzTimmy's relentless pursuit of the highest rank saw him achieve Predator status once again, surpassing his previous record by approximately 24 hours. The 2021 stream required an enduring 54-hour effort, making this recent achievement a remarkable improvement in terms of efficiency.


Unlike the previous challenge that demanded over two consecutive days of gameplay without sleep, iiTzTimmy's recent endeavor likely had a less taxing impact on his physical well-being. Following this remarkable accomplishment in Apex Legends, fans flooded in with congratulations, driving the Twitch stream to peak at over 40,000 viewers, with a steady influx of spectators throughout the journey from Rookie to Predator.

iiTzTimmy's achievement aligns with substantial changes introduced by Respawn Entertainment to the competitive mode in Season 20 of Apex Legends. The alterations include a shift in matchmaking to closely consider actual RP values instead of a tier-based system. Moreover, adjustments were made to RP distribution, placing greater emphasis on kills, and provisional matches and trials were removed. The developers also implemented Legend upgrades and revamped the EVO Shield system, both potentially influencing squad strategies in Ranked play.

As Season 20 unfolds, the future of the Apex Legends Ranked system remains uncertain, and it will be intriguing to observe if other streamers attempt to tackle the challenge of ascending from Rookie to Predator in a shorter duration than iiTzTimmy. Undoubtedly, whoever undertakes this challenge will face a formidable task.