Everything you need to know about strikes, raids and how to complete them in Destiny 2

D2 is considered one of the most interesting projects, which combines the MMO RPG and shooter format and at the same time has a strong and developed storyline in which you will first repel the attack of aliens, and then counterattack them in different locations and gameplay moments, including new updates that will open up space exploration and the discovery of new planets to expand your offensive.

One of the types of content that will be key to the story and gameplay of D2 is strikes and raids. Dungeons that need to be stormed for unique drops and experience.

You need to go it alone, if the difficulty level of the dungeon allows, as part of a small group, or a full-fledged squad.

You will be able to join a group or lead a squad in destiny 2 raid carry, and the chance of successfully clearing the raid will depend on the quality of the selection of allies and the personal actions of you and other allies.

Everything you need to know about strikes, raids and how to complete them in Destiny 2 1


This is a mini-raid format that requires you to enter an area and clear it of monsters and the boss.

This is a fairly simple type of gameplay if you play as part of a full group of three players, but it will be much more profitable if you manage to defeat all the guards and the boss himself, and then you will not share the experience and rewards that you manage to get with anyone, which will become An excellent and regular way to update your weapons and equipment.

Gradually, the levels of strikes will increase, but they will not be able to fully replace raids in terms of rewards, so when you accumulate full-fledged and high-quality equipment, move on to the full-fledged format raidcarry in Destiny 2.

Everything you need to know about strikes, raids and how to complete them in Destiny 2 2


This is a more complex and basic format that will have several difficulty levels that will be unlocked one after another.

You need to assemble your own battle group, or join a ready-made one and go to the boss’s lair, where each zone will differ in the general abilities of the dungeon leader and the unique skills that he will use.

Any raid will start with a normal difficulty level, which will be quite simple and stable, but you will have to try in addition to the drop and boost of experience. You need to remember as much as possible all the features and subtleties of clearing the zone, because when you go back to a raid of a higher difficulty you will already have There are fewer tips and features, so you better understand all gameplay moments and take them into account in order to quickly make decisions - mistakes will lead to failure, so prepare for assaults responsibly.

A particularly difficult raid carry in Destiny 2 will be on Mythic difficulty, in which the boss will act quickly and deadly and each member of the squad must fulfill their role responsibly and carefully, otherwise you will not avoid failure.

Mythic raids are needed so that the group can obtain legendary equipment and weapons, which are considered the most valuable and sometimes cannot be obtained in any other way.

It will be better if in each campaign you mark the players who play their role well and add them to your friends list, because when you get ready to consistently hunt bosses with the best loot, you will need the best players, otherwise you will simply lose often and losing interest in the raid format and Destiny 2 in general.

Even one clearing of a Mythic difficulty raid will help you get a significant boost for future assaults, but for the first time you will have to try, or order a cheap raid carry in Destiny 2 from Skycoach service.


This is a service format in which the player does not rely on random allies, but completely trusts himself and his gameplay to professional Skycoach players.

The service is implemented like this - you go to the service website, select the D2 raidcarry format and the raid with which you need help, pay for the order and follow the instructions of the Skycoach manager.

You will need to transfer your account to the service staff, or join a group that is guaranteed to clear a raid of any difficulty level and give you all the experience and reward.

It’s simple: when the boss has little health, the team will scatter and do everything for you to deliver the final blow and at the same time, at that moment no one from the group will be near you. This way you will receive not only all the rewards, but also all the experience, which is designed for the entire group.

Skycoach values his honest name, so you will be provided with all financial guarantees and anonymity of logging into your account.

For these purposes, a high-quality VPN is used.

Your account will not be transferred to third parties and all services will be performed exclusively by Skycoach service employees.

If you have chosen a format in which the service employees take control of your account, then you will only need to wait for the notification on the Skycoach website that the transaction has been completed, and you can log into your account and check the result and be sure to change your password, because all the guarantees that the service provides work at the stage of order fulfillment and verification, and then responsibility for the safety of all valuable items is returned to the client.

If you are part of a group, then most likely you will be killed at the initial stage, so that you are not the factor that, unknowingly, can cause the raid to fail.

When the boss has little health left, you will receive a resurrection and when the team scatters, you will receive a command from the leader that you can deliver the final blow and gain experience and collect all the drops that you managed to get in this raid.

The more complex the raid, the safer the format is chosen, because the main task of the service is not to show you the raid, but to go through it for you and give you the opportunity to get good equipment, weapons and achievements for victory.