Revenant and Conduit Combo Sparks Balance Debate in Apex Legends Season 20

Apex Legends Season 20 has brought its fair share of excitement and new dynamics to the game, but it has also seen the rise of player frustrations, particularly with the combination of Legends Revenant and Conduit. This pairing has been pinpointed by the community as notably powerful, tipping the scales in competitive play.

In Apex Legends, a game celebrated for its diverse roster of 25 characters each with unique abilities, the strategy behind team composition is crucial. Yet, the synergy between Revenant and Conduit has stood out for being exceptionally potent. A Reddit post by user artmorte highlighted concerns over Revenant's abilities, specifically his movement and Ultimate, which grants an overshield, being overly dominant in the current game meta. The discourse expanded, with others noting that pairing Revenant's Ultimate with Conduit’s shield regeneration Tactical ability further amplifies their effectiveness, especially given the Season 20 changes to the EVO Shield system. These adjustments have removed body armor from ground loot, inadvertently enhancing the advantage of Revenant's overshield early in matches.


Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Apex Legends, has previously attempted to balance these characters. Conduit saw adjustments at the beginning of Season 20, including a reduction in shield generation speed and increased cooldowns, while Revenant received nerfs after his Season 18 rework. Despite these efforts, the community calls for further action to address the balance between Legends.

The popularity of both Revenant and Conduit is reflected in their pick rates, which are among the top in the game, suggesting that players are likely to encounter this formidable duo regularly. Respawn has a history of updating Apex Legends based on community feedback, and with several patches already rolled out in Season 20, there's anticipation that adjustments to Revenant and Conduit may be forthcoming.

This situation underscores the ongoing challenge of maintaining balance in a game as complex and evolving as Apex Legends, where the introduction of new elements can disrupt the competitive landscape, prompting both players and developers to adapt continuously.