Red Dead Revelation: Player Uncovers Clue to Decade-Old Mystery in Van Horn Trading Post

A player of "Red Dead Redemption 2" has stumbled upon an intriguing clue at the Van Horn Trading Post's Fence, potentially linked to the long-standing enigma surrounding Princess IKZ's vanishing. This find adds to the game's rich narrative tapestry, set in a meticulously crafted representation of the Old West, brimming with activities and locations like saloons, shops, and theaters for players to explore.

"Red Dead Redemption 2" is renowned for its side quests and enigmas, inviting players to dive into experiences beyond the central storyline. These include unique interactions with the van der Linde gang, engaging in heists, and fishing, alongside quests provided by various NPCs that unveil the darker corners of its cowboy universe. A recent discovery by Reddit user Schmiddyboy88 might mark a significant breakthrough in unraveling one of the game’s most enduring mysteries.

Schmiddyboy88's revelation on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit concerns a chest found at the Van Horn Fence, adorned with the initials "IKZ". This has led to speculation that the Fence might be implicated in Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister's disappearance, possibly by dealing in stolen items or being directly linked to the case.


The saga of Princess Isabeau’s disappearance is a cornerstone mystery within "Red Dead Redemption 2," unresolved for over five years. The presence of a missing person poster within the game has fueled speculation that there were original plans for a more extensive storyline involving the princess. It's been noted that cut content from the game included a quest related to Princess Isabeau, evidenced by her model found within the game’s files, and the chest’s coat of arms aligning with Luxembourg's.

This discovery arrives amid fan speculation on the future of the Red Dead series, especially after the announcement of "Grand Theft Auto 6." With expectations set high for a potential "Red Dead Redemption 3," the series' enthusiasts eagerly await any news, bolstered by actor Roger Clark's (Arthur Morgan's voice actor) assurance of the likelihood of a third installment. Meanwhile, the community continues to unearth new details within "Red Dead Redemption 2," keeping the intrigue alive.