Nightingale Emerges: Set Your Clocks for the Global Launch of the Hotly Anticipated Survival Crafting Game on Steam!

Nightingale, a highly anticipated multiplayer survival crafting game led by a former BioWare developer, is set to launch on Steam's early access on February 20. The game has generated significant interest, becoming one of the most wish-listed titles on Valve's digital storefront. While the success of Nightingale at launch remains uncertain, the buzz around it prompts the need for a release time post. Players eager to dive into the game with friends can expect a global release at approximately 12 PM ET/ 11 AM CT/ 10 AM MT/ 9 AM PST. As the release occurs simultaneously worldwide, no single country will have an advantage in playing before others.


For those concerned about their PC's capability to run Nightingale, the minimum and recommended system requirements are outlined below, sourced directly from the game's Steam listing:

Minimum PC Specs for Nightingale:

Recommended Specs: