Palworld Phenomenon: Glitch Unleashes Giant Vixy, Posing Questions for the Hit Steam Game

A Palworld gamer stumbled upon an intriguing phenomenon as their fortunate Vixy exhibited continuous growth upon returning to their base. Palworld, currently a popular title on Steam, has achieved remarkable success, boasting over 8 million sales in a brief period, according to a recent sales update from Pocketpair. While Pocketpair eyes the official release, a player's discovery of an unusual glitch affecting their Vixy raises questions about potential complications in the game.

Reddit user kaityl3 shared an image of their enlarged Vixy, featuring a unique lucky Pal trait, towering like a large tree. The player noted that despite its abnormal size, the Pal behaved normally, although attempting to pick it up caused erratic camera behavior. Vixy, typically one of the smaller creatures in Palworld, sparked curiosity among fans about the circumstances leading to its colossal proportions.


According to the original poster, returning the Vixy to its box would revert it to its regular size, only to resume growing shortly afterward. With Palworld in early access, Pocketpair is actively addressing bugs, and it appears that the oversized Vixy issue might join the list of known glitches.

Even within its short time in early access, Palworld's dedicated community has been busy creating mods for the game. Notably, a Palworld mod attempting to reskin Pals into Pokémon drew attention from Nintendo's legal department, resulting in a DCMA takedown request. In response, YouTuber ToastedShoes has introduced a "legally distinct" version of the Pokemon mod for Palworld, incorporating real-world animals as an alternative to Nintendo's pocket monsters.

As Palworld gains recognition as a significant gaming hit in 2024, Pocketpair aims to leverage its success, recently unveiling a roadmap to keep players engaged as the game progresses toward its full release.