Blizzard Entertainment Unveils Diablo 4's 1.3.1 Update: Bug Fixes, Affix Tweaks, and Season of the Construct Enhancements

Blizzard Entertainment has shared the upcoming patch notes for Diablo 4's 1.3.1 update, addressing numerous bugs and making adjustments to affixes and abilities. Diablo 4's Season of the Construct introduced exciting content, including a new questline, a time-limited event, and a customizable companion. However, the season also brought about several bugs, prompting Blizzard to release an additional update aimed at optimizing the gameplay experience.

In a recent blog post, Blizzard outlined the comprehensive changelog for the 1.3.1 patch, scheduled for release on February 1. The update aims to address various bugs and enhance the overall quality of the game. Changes will also be made to affixes and the Seneschal robot companion introduced in Season of the Construct. Despite efforts to improve Season 3, some players express concerns that the update may not significantly enhance their gaming experience.

Blizzard Entertainment Unveils Diablo 4's 1.3.1 Update: Bug Fixes, Affix Tweaks, and Season of the Construct Enhancements 1

Season of the Construct, which commenced on January 23, faced criticism, particularly regarding the frustration and difficulty associated with the season's Vault traps. Additionally, the new boss, Son of Malphas, was perceived as excessively powerful. While a previous hotfix addressed some concerns about Son of Malphas, the state of the game's traps is expected to remain largely unchanged after the 1.3.1 update. As Season of the Construct is still in its early stages, Blizzard has ample time to gather player feedback and make further improvements.

Suggestions from players include buffing the Seneschal to enhance Season of the Construct. However, some argue that the current state of the robot companion can already be overpowered with the right build. Diablo 4 offers numerous powerful combinations for the Seneschal, providing damage, buffs to allies, or inflicting negative status effects on enemies.

Looking ahead, Diablo 4 is anticipated to receive additional content in 2024, including new seasons and its first major expansion, Vessel of Hatred. The DLC will introduce a new class and continue the storyline from the base game.

Diablo 4 Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes:Game Update:

  • Adjusted the Suppressor affix.
  • The Suppressor Field now has a 6-second duration and 50–75% uptime.
  • The field can be canceled if the monster with the affix is Stunned, Frozen, Knocked Down, or Dazed.
  • Adjustments to layout and monster spawns for several Dungeons.
  • Nightmare Dungeon Sigils will now display the levels corresponding to the Sigil's Tier.
  • Season of the Construct - Seneschal's Abilities:

    Bug Fixes:

    See the full Diablo 4 update 1.3.1 patch notes for details.