Vanishing Act: Elden Ring Player Achieves Unbelievable Victory by Skipping Malenia Boss Battle

Elden Ring enthusiasts continue to devise creative methods for conquering the challenging bosses in The Lands Between, and one fortunate Tarnished had a particularly unconventional encounter with the most formidable adversary. Despite Malenia posing a significant challenge for many Elden Ring players, this particular individual managed to emerge victorious without engaging in combat.

As is typical in Soulslike games, Elden Ring's difficulty level has been a prominent topic of discussion since its release. While Radahn's dominance has waned due to a series of nerfs, Malenia remains a formidable foe for most players. Recognizing the difficulty of the encounter, a player known as Let Me Solo Her took it upon themselves to assist others in overcoming Malenia. However, a recent player's experience resulted in a triumph even swifter than those achieved by Let Me Solo Her.

The Elden Ring community was abuzz when Reddit user AOI_BleedKaga shared a post on the game's subreddit detailing a bug that enabled them to entirely bypass the daunting Malenia battle. Upon entering the arena, the expected cutscene triggered, but Malenia failed to materialize afterward. Her character model glitched into the ground, and she disappeared entirely. Ultimately, the "Demigod Felled" screen appeared without Malenia making an appearance.


Redditors had a blast witnessing this comical incident, with many suggesting that Malenia was perhaps traumatized by Let Me Solo Her's heroics. Some even pointed out that the player missed an opportunity to boast in the post's title, considering they defeated her in a mere 30 seconds. Humorous comments ensued, joking about how Scarlet Rot might have consumed her during the prolonged delay mentioned by the player.

Currently, the Elden Ring community eagerly awaits the highly anticipated Shadow of Erdtree DLC. The absence of a release date has left fans increasingly impatient, especially considering it has been a year since the expansion's announcement. A recent discovery of a backend update on Steam for the game's artbook, soundtrack, and a mysterious "Unknown App 2778580" has fueled speculation that this might be the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC itself. If fan wishes come true, a release date announcement could be just around the corner.