One of the fans of Deus Ex has decided to remake their favorite game using Unreal Engine 5

A Deus Ex fan is working on a comprehensive modification. The enthusiast is transferring their favorite game to the modern Unreal Engine 5 and has already released the second developer's diary showcasing an hour-and-a-half video demonstrating extensive changes to various systems within the game. The video showcases the core gameplay mechanics and location explorations.

The creator notes that from a technical standpoint, the DXU24 project cannot be considered a remake or remaster of Deus Ex as it doesn't affect copyrighted resources. The modification is deeply integrated into the original game and adapted to work in real-time on Unreal Engine 5. An original copy of the game is required to run the mod.

However, there's a downside to the project: the modification will be a paid one. The developer plans to distribute it among Patreon subscribers.