New Horizons in Final Fantasy 14: Pictomancer and Female Hrothgar Open Doors for Xbox Players

At the Fan Fest event in Tokyo, the Japanese producer and director of the game, Naoki Yoshida, unveiled significant innovations in the world of Final Fantasy 14. Pictomancer, identified by Square Enix as the second of two new professions introduced, is described as a magical ranged combat occupation, utilizing a blend of aether and a specialized brush to materialize their ideas into reality.

In addition to the introduction of Pictomancer, a new playable race called the Female Hrothgar was announced. Originating from Ilsabard, this group shares ancestry with the Xbr’aal people, residing in Yak T’el. Despite being a smaller segment of the population, Female Hrothgar are easily recognizable due to their slender, muscular physique and their inclination towards leadership.

Furthermore, the beta testing for the Xbox version of the game will commence in the upcoming month, marking a new chapter for players on Microsoft consoles. While the official release of Final Fantasy 14 on Microsoft platforms is slated for Spring 2024, the open beta will provide the initial opportunity to delve into this immersive multiplayer online game for Xbox users.

It's worth noting that during the Fan Fest in Las Vegas in June, Xbox head Phil Spencer unexpectedly confirmed the game's arrival on Series X and S consoles. According to Xbox, the Series X version of the game will support 4K graphics, and both versions, for Series X and Series S, will benefit from fast loading times. Additionally, the extended free trial version, available on PC and PlayStation, will also be accessible to Xbox users.