"Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland" is a post-apocalyptic visual novel coming to PS4 and Switch this summer in Japan

Entergram has announced the release of a new visual novel titled "Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland," developed by Asanoha Factory, for PlayStation 4 and Switch this summer in Japan. The game will be available in both physical and digital formats.

The PC version of "Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland" was launched on Steam on September 28, 2023, in Japan. The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will feature full voice-overs. Entergram is conducting auditions to voice the main characters, including the primary heroine. Anyone interested can participate in the auditions by submitting an application here.

Here is a summary of the game taken from its Steam page:

"Memento Memoria: The Abandoned Neverland" tells the story of an abandoned amusement park in a ruined world that was once a paradise called "Lagoon," where children were self-sufficient. The narrative begins with a young mercenary working in "Lagoon" encountering a mysterious silver-haired girl. Their destinies start intertwining.

The game presents itself as a text adventure where players progress through the story by clicking on the screen.

Game Specifications:

Genre: Post-Apocalypse, Boy Meets GirlPlaytime: Approximately five hoursCharacter Events (CG): About 15Music: IncludedThe story unfolds within an abandoned amusement park in a shattered world that used to be an oasis exclusively for children known as "Lagoon."

This encounter between a boy and a girl, whose "memories" have been forgotten, begins to unfold.

During the world war, children were forced to leave their homes. The land where they gathered and lived became known as "lagoons." Many of these provided a modest yet humane way of life.

The protagonist, Kai, resides in the abandoned part of the amusement park turned "lagoon." During a joint operation with a military warlord known as "The Army," he encounters a girl.

Her name is Mio. She has silver hair. She is silent. She is skilled at shooting. And she cannot wear bandages.

Kai discovers Mio's secret and invites her to live in his house, where his childhood friend, Doctor, also resides.

What this encounter will lead to - no one knows yet.