Leaked details from Insomniac Games uncovered another potential capability of the robust PlayStation 5 Pro console

The online community continues to scrutinize the extensive file leaks from Insomniac Games. One slide from the presentation has garnered attention, listing the technical features of Marvel's Wolverine. Among these are outstanding facial animation, realistic destructibility, dynamic weather systems, and a base frame rate of 60 FPS. However, the slide also mentions AI upscaling, absent in the standard PlayStation 5, potentially revealing a feature of the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro slated for autumn 2024.

The original PlayStation 5 supports AMD's FSR, albeit only an older version without machine learning, unlike NVIDIA's DLSS technology.

Insider reports in December indicated that the PlayStation 5 Pro would be equipped with a dedicated processor to enhance resolution using machine learning.

According to information from Tom Henderson, the console will also offer a new performance mode for 8K resolution and accelerated ray tracing.

As for the PlayStation 6, it is speculated to arrive no earlier than the end of 2028.