Nintendo's Golden Sun RPGs will be available on Switch Online

Starting from January 16, games for Game Boy Advance - Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age will become available to users with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

Golden Sun and its sequel were released in 2001 and 2002, receiving high praise from critics. The third installment, Dark Dawn, was released for Nintendo DS in 2010.

Nintendo announces: "This is your chance to immerse yourself (or revisit!) in the magic and mysteries of these classic role-playing adventures."

From the humble village of Vale to the mystical peaks of Mt. Aleph, the game Golden Sun sends young heroes - Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia - on a magical journey to prevent the release of the ancient power of Alchemy in their home world of Weyard.

Their adventures take them through towns, caves, and dungeons where they must face cunning enemies, intricate puzzles, and epic challenges that test their magical abilities (Psynergy) to the limit.

Along the way, they receive support from mysterious creatures known as Djinn, who help the heroes harness their Psynergy to unlock powerful spells and unstoppable attacks.