Elden Ring's Hilarious Twist: Skeletons Mastering Dodge Rolls – A Humorous Encounter Unfolds in the Lands Between!

A humorous Elden Ring moment surfaced online recently, showcasing a player's encounter with a skeleton that amusingly mimics the Tarnished's dodge roll moves. In a departure from the usual deadly surprises Elden Ring enemies offer, this particular skeleton opted for a more comical approach, showcasing relentless dodge rolls reminiscent of player tactics.

The dodge roll holds significant importance in an Elden Ring player's toolkit, providing a crucial moment of invulnerability during combat. Regardless of one's Tarnished build, evading attacks becomes a necessity, and mastering the dodge roll can be a life-or-death skill. However, the temptation to repeatedly rely on dodge rolling as a strategy can backfire, leaving players stamina-depleted and vulnerable to enemy counterattacks.

Surprisingly, players aren't the only ones lured by the appeal of dodge roll spamming. A Reddit user shared a brief clip depicting their Tarnished facing off against a sword-wielding skeleton. The undead adversary unexpectedly engages in a non-stop dodge roll, encircling the player in a chaotic tumble before attempting to strike again. The player, humorously suggesting the skeleton might have once been a Tarnished, skillfully parries the attack, swiftly dispatching the Elden Ring enemy caught in its dodge roll frenzy.


While much attention is often directed towards challenging boss encounters in From Software's Soulslike titles, Elden Ring's diverse range of enemies can present formidable challenges. Even seemingly unlikely foes, like the dodge-rolling skeleton, can disrupt a Tarnished's gameplay if not approached with caution.

Approaching its two-year anniversary, Elden Ring has kept fans eagerly anticipating From Software's next move. The impending DLC expansion, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, has generated excitement, though details remain limited. Recent rumors hint at a potential release next month, raising hopes that fans will soon receive a comprehensive glimpse into the anticipated DLC.