Genshin Impact Leaks Hint at 5-Star Weapons Entering In-Game Store via Special Gift Package

Recent leaks from the Genshin Impact community suggest a potential addition of 5-Star weapons to the in-game store. Speculations arise as a leaked "gift package" featuring these high-tier weapons could be available for direct purchase, marking a significant shift in the game's monetization approach. The anticipation builds on the backdrop of recent legal developments in China, prompting players to question if HoYoverse, the game's developer, is considering adjustments to the existing gacha system.

Players have long desired an expansion of the in-game store, especially for 4-Star characters, given the limited options available for purchase using Starglitter. While the monthly rotation does introduce two 4-Star characters in a six-month cycle, the community hopes for broader choices to enhance their gameplay experience.

The leak, shared by the reliable source Little Teyvat on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, hints at the introduction of a new "gift package" containing 5-Star weapons. Although specific details about this mechanism remain undisclosed, it is expected to be accessible from the same tab as the Welkin Moon subscription and the Adventurer's Bundles. This potential addition raises possibilities of obtaining coveted weapons like Beacon of the Reed Sea, Hunter's Path, or Jade Cutter through direct purchase.


If HoYoverse proceeds with the introduction of the gift package, it could reshape the dynamics of Genshin Impact's monetization strategy. With rumors circulating about a third character banner in the pipeline, developers seem keen on refining the game's economic model. Version 4.4, focusing on the Lantern Rite, offers players a chance to select a free Liyue 4-Star character. Any alterations related to the in-game store could materialize earliest in Version 4.5, coinciding with Chiori's debut alongside Albedo's rerun. The evolving roster of characters and weapons, currently standing at 83, challenges the existing gacha system, prompting considerations for potential adjustments in future updates.