Unveiling the Frozen Enigma: Genshin Impact Leak Points to Playable Columbina in Version 5.0 and Beyond

A recent leak in the Genshin Impact community hints at the future playability of Columbina, codenamed "Damselette," in version 5.0 or beyond. As an elite soldier of the Cryo Archon and a member of the Snezhnaya society, Columbina holds significant power as one of the eleven Fatui Harbingers, rivaling god-like beings in Teyvat. The main storyline introduces some Harbingers, yet Genshin Impact remains discreet about these formidable characters.

In the upcoming developments, Genshin Impact is set to unveil new characters integral to the ongoing narrative, including Xianyun, also known as Cloud Retainer. This Adeptus dedicates her life to safeguarding the people of Liyue, but details about her strength remain elusive due to her limited presence in the current storyline.

Leaks from Black Rose, a reliable source who accurately disclosed Cloud Retainer's original name and skill set, now suggest that Columbina will join the playable characters, possibly coinciding with or after the release of the Natlan region in version 5.0. Anticipated for a summer debut, Columbina's specific abilities and weapon details remain undisclosed, though expectations are high for her to be a five-star unit, akin to Tartaglia, another playable Harbinger in Genshin Impact.


The Genshin Impact community on Reddit speculates on the potential introduction of other Fatui Harbingers like Sanndrone and Pantalone in the Natlan region. There is also curiosity surrounding Capitano's playability, following an earlier leak featuring his character. If the Natlan story arc unfolds in version 5.0, it is plausible that these formidable characters might receive limited-time playable banners.

Beyond Columbina, Genshin Impact is poised to introduce another Harbinger, Arlecchino, rumored to be a DPS unit. Leaks in recent weeks have hinted at Arlecchino having a Pyro vision and fitting into overload teams. A leaked character model showcases Arlecchino adorned in a long black dress and high heels.

While players await the arrival of version 4.4, featuring the Lantern Rite festival and a free four-star unit, the future Genshin update promises over 13,000 Primogems, translating into 56–58 wishes. Additionally, version 4.4 will introduce new weapons and reruns, providing Travelers with more options to enhance their party composition.