The upcoming Battlefield game aims to achieve "the most realistic destruction effects in the industry"

The latest project from Ripple Effect studio, formerly known as DICE LA and involved in the creation of Battlefield, is focused on achieving the most realistic destruction effects in the gaming industry. This information comes from a recent job posting for the role of Visual Effects Director, published on the Tech4Gamers portal. The announcement states that the EA-owned developer is seeking an experienced 3D artist to help create the most realistic and captivating destruction effects in the industry.

Ripple Effect is currently one of several studios working on the Battlefield franchise, which underwent significant changes after the disappointing launch of Battlefield 2042.

DICE is currently working on the future multiplayer experience for the Battlefield series and will collaborate in creating the single-player campaign for the next installment of Battlefield in partnership with the newly-formed Ridgeline Games studio, founded by Marcus Lehto, a co-founder of Halo.

According to EA, Ripple Effect is developing a "completely new Battlefield experience that will complement and build upon the series' foundations."

Previously, this Los Angeles-based developer acted as a supporting team for other studios, including collaborating with DICE on the development of Battlefield 2042.

In December 2021, EA announced its intention to create a "connected Battlefield universe" alongside extensive changes to the franchise's development structure. As part of these plans, former DICE General Manager Oscar Gabrielson left EA, while Respawn and Infinity Ward co-founder Vince Zampella assumed a new role overseeing the entire Battlefield franchise.