Over 40 companies will participate in Summer Game Fest 2023, including PlayStation, Xbox, and others

Summer Game Fest 2023 will be the official start for many upcoming video game releases and additional content for existing games. Over the course of several days, gamers and fans can enjoy new announcements, gameplay footage, and interviews with developers. Additionally, Summer Game Fest 2023 presents an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products and attract new fans. All of this creates an atmosphere of incredible excitement and awaits its participants!

Traditionally, the list of partner companies for Summer Game Fest was presented by Jeff Keighley. This year, the festival will start on June 8th, and over 40 partner companies will participate. Among them:

  1. Activision
  2. Amazon Games
  3. Annapurna Interactive
  4. Bandai Namco Entertainment
  5. Behaviour Interactive
  6. Capcom
  7. CD Projekt RED
  8. Devolver Digital
  9. Digital Extremes
  10. Disney Interactive
  11. Electronic Arts
  12. Epic Games
  13. Focus Entertainment
  14. Gearbox Publishing
  15. Grinding Gear Games
  16. HoYoverse
  17. Kabam
  18. Larian Studios
  19. Level Infinite
  20. Magic: The Gathering
  21. Microsoft (Xbox)
  22. Neowiz
  23. Netflix
  24. Nexon
  25. Niantic
  26. North Beach Games
  27. Paradox Interactive
  28. Pearl Abyss
  29. Phoenix Labs
  30. PLAION
  31. Pocket Pair
  32. Razer
  33. Samsung Gaming Hub
  34. Second Dinner
  35. SEGA
  36. Smilegate Entertainment
  37. Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation)
  38. Square Enix
  39. Techland
  40. Tribeca Festival
  41. Ubisoft
  42. Valve (Steam)
  43. Warner Bros. Games.
Over 40 companies will participate in Summer Game Fest 2023, including PlayStation, Xbox, and others. Photo 1

This live show is expected to set the tone for the rest of the festival, and fans are eagerly anticipating what surprises and announcements will be revealed. With over 40 partner companies participating, including major players like PlayStation and Xbox, there is sure to be plenty of exciting content for gamers to look forward to. Additionally, Summer Game Fest presents an opportunity for smaller indie developers to showcase their projects and gain exposure. Overall, the festival promises to be an exciting time for gamers and industry professionals alike.