The update for "The Witcher 3" includes support for Intel XeSS technology

The updated version of "The Witcher 3" for next-generation consoles has not gone unnoticed since its release. The latest update 4.03 includes bug fixes and improvements, one of which is the removal of the ability to eat underwater, which was one of the top items on the list. However, in addition to this, the update also includes support for Intel XeSS technology.

Significant resources will be required to run the updated version of "The Witcher 3", even for high-performance PCs. Intel Arc graphics cards may be available at a more attractive price, but this does not guarantee performance on par with the RTX 4090 or 7900 XTX. Increasing frame rates helps to improve the quality of the game, so support for XeSS technology is definitely in demand.

XeSS technology competes with Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR scaling technologies. DLSS is exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards, while XeSS (and FSR) can work on most modern graphics cards. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you will be using DLSS, and on AMD cards, you will be using FSR. However, XeSS remains the only cross-platform scaling technology that uses artificial intelligence acceleration.

Intel Arc graphics cards may not surpass their competitors, and Intel drivers - while better than six months ago - still have room for improvement. However, Intel has received praise for the work of XeSS technology, which shows decent performance even without the magical ability to generate frames like DLSS 3.0.

XeSS can be an interesting experiment for The Witcher 3, regardless of the graphics card, even just for fun, but if you're using an Intel Arc card, enabling this technology is definitely worth it.

In addition to XeSS support, the 4.03 update fixes many bugs when working with ray tracing and provides general performance improvements in global illumination and reflections using ray tracing. Despite the absence of Henry Cavill in the bathtub, The Witcher 3 is sure to look shiny and very beautiful when using a sufficiently powerful graphics card.